Model Plane Kits

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Model plane kits are put together by hand and come in kits. Some are simple but most are complex, and some can be flown once put together. Model aircrafts date back as early as 200 BC in Egypt. An ancient Greek philosopher was also said to have built a plane that resembled a bird and was able to fly. Leonardo da Vinci drew up the plans for a plane that looks awfully similar to today’s helicopter. Once the Wright brothers created a real plane, many became interested in having their own on a smaller scale.

More recently, airliners used model airplane kits to market their planes and handed them out to children. Remote-control airplanes are the next form of airplanes that captivated those interested in the hobby, as they are able to be flown with more control. Some of the best-known model airplane brands are Tamiya, Hasegawa, Revell, Eduard, Wingnut Wings, Airfix, Zoukei-Mura, and others. View Double Play Hobby Consignments’ selection of model plane kits in a variety of some of the most popular brands.